Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – Butch & Sundance

Let’s put aside the fact that mostly anything that references the George Roy Hill classic Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid (one of my favorite movies) is OK with me. Even if this wasn’t already in my good books because of the title, it would be after hearing the track. Busta and Q-Tip trade bars over a nice jazzy beat for 3 minutes. It’s smooth, lyrical, and it’s a pleasure to listen to two veterans still give us reliable bars after so long in the game (Something not everybody can do. Looking at you, Jay-Z. Shots fired.). This is from their new collaborative mixtape, The Abstract & the Dragon, which you can get here.


Raekwon, Killa Sin, KRS-One, & The Notorious B.I.G. – Stop the Breaks

My favorite Biggie verse, and on one of my favorite posse cuts, period. It’s off an obscure Ron G mixtape from the early ’90s. The beat is classic ’90s – party-boom-bap drums and a simple, funky bassline. I love the sleigh bells holding down the eighth notes. The verses are all perfect examples of each rapper’s style, and are all solid until Biggie comes in and blows everyone out of the water. Stuff like this is why everyone looks back on the ’90s as the golden age.

Run-DMC – Rock Box

This is my favorite Run-DMC song. It showcases perfectly their signature rhyme style and heavy-metal guitars. The video is great ’80s fun as well, featuring some old white guy pontificating on rap music and subsequently being shut up by rap music. The entire experience is great. Also, I never realized how much Chance the Rapper looks like DMC until now.

Dinero the Don – Hometown

I’ve been telling the homie Ve Jano, this dude’s manager, that I was gonna post this for like a week. So anyway, here it is. Dinero is a young dude from Jamaica, Queens, and flips a familiar Adele sample for a pretty cool track. He discusses subjects familiar to any rap fan, but does so with a personality and cleverness that not all rappers have. Free download, too, so that’s always a plus. Wordpress is pretty strict about what we can embed, so it’ll just be a link.


World’s Fair – 96 Knicks

World’s Fair is a 6-man crew from Queens (named after the world’s fair held there in 1964), who just signed to A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records. They’re one of the cooler new groups in the game right now, and this single is a great introduction to them, if you don’t know their stuff yet. A chilled-out beat, some lyrical complexity (emphasis on the some), and subject matter that should be familiar to most hip-hop fans: weed, girls, money, drinking, etc. Basketball metaphors are always fun, too. Cool video.