Disclosure – Latch (DJ Premier Remix)

Hip-hop legend DJ Premier remixing one of my favorite tracks of the year? I downloaded this as soon as I heard it. I was at a loss for how he could pull this off, but he does so impeccably, replacing the beat with a slow piano line and some drums that KNOCK. I like this version easily as much as the original. From Disclosure’s new album Settle: The Remixes, which you can get here.


Lulu James – Sweetest Thing

This song is really cool. It melds jazzy soul and electronic music in a way that’s definitely original but feels familiar. There’s something that sounds very ’90s about this song, but the vocal sample in the background opposes that. Anyway, it’s a very enjoyable song from a young singer, and fans of Quadron or other similar acts will enjoy it greatly. The music video is also very well done, a pared-down affair, with just Lulu (who’s just 21) and someone else in a bodysuit dancing in a black room, with patterns being projected onto them. Very cool.

Breach – Everything You Never Had (We Had it All) f. Andreya Triana

A dope house track from Breach, a producer from Bristol, and an equally dope video, in which several cross-sections of a drugged-up woman dance to the song in unison. I like the vibe of the song, which is a bit like Disclosure (the low-key, subtle synth line) with a tinge of ’90s house music (the chopped-up vocals, especially in the drop). And I’ll definitely be pulling out these killer moves at some parties soon, so watch out.

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

This is the first time I’ve heard of electronic producer Jon Hopkins, and I’m very impressed. “Open Eye Signal” is a weird, surprising, fantastic song. It has elements and influences coming from house to ambient to My Bloody Valentine, and it makes for a very cool song that I imagine I’d enjoy dancing to as much as I’d enjoy not dancing to.

Check out Jon’s latest album, Immunity, here.

The Correspondents – Fear & Delight

The Correspondents are an English duo. The singer is blond. The non-singer is not blond.  I don’t know anything else about them. “Fear & Delight” is a fun song, with a poppy electroswing-esque sound for most of the song, with a bridge that’s a bit more dubsteppy. It’s catchy and certainly danceable. I like the song, but what’s really cool is the video. They’re definitely going for a bit of an updated Jeeves & Wooster vibe, and they pull it off nicely. Many clones of the singer dance around and sing to us, then change into skeletal costumes for the bridge, change back, and finally are eliminated by an Artemis-like character. One of the better videos I’ve seen recently. Definitely The Correspondents’ best song and video. If they interest you, they’ve got a few other videos up, and apparently a new album coming out in early 2014.