Disclosure – Latch (DJ Premier Remix)

Hip-hop legend DJ Premier remixing one of my favorite tracks of the year? I downloaded this as soon as I heard it. I was at a loss for how he could pull this off, but he does so impeccably, replacing the beat with a slow piano line and some drums that KNOCK. I like this version easily as much as the original. From Disclosure’s new album Settle: The Remixes, which you can get here.


Disclosure – When a Fire Starts to Burn

Disclosure are a cool house duo from England, made up of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence. This track, from their recently-released debut album Settle, is one of the most interesting electronic tracks I’ve heard in a while, at a time when “interesting” is probably near the bottom of the list of words people would use to describe the genre. The whole thing is based around a vocal loop of a dude talking, relying pretty much just on the inherent melody of the phrase he’s saying to carry the song. This loop drives the melody, along with a synth part that come is later on, and there’s a restrained bassline that comes in, but aside from that and the requisite house drums, that’s it. Very postmodern. The video is great, too. I don’t know who the guy playing the preacher is, but he’s wonderful (although the drummer is probably my favorite part).