Spoon – Written In Reverse

One of my favorite tracks from probably the most consistent band of the ’00s. I see them as having followed a Beatles-esque trajectory – they released a few poppy albums that were solid but didn’t break any molds, then Gimme Fiction was their Rubber Soul (moving in a new, more complex direction, but retaining some old qualities), Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga was their Revolver (getting weirder while remaining amazing pop-rock), and Transference their Sgt. Pepper (embracing full-blown weirdness, doing things few, if any, people have done before with the genre). This version of “Written In Reverse” isn’t quite as smoothly mixed as the studio version, and lacks some of the flourishes like the weird background piano at parts, but it’s very cool to see the band at work together like this, something that I feel has declined recently in the music world.


Dizzee Rascal – Bassline Junkie

This video is hilarious. The song is pretty dope too – as the title suggests, it’s a bass-heavy banger, and Dizzee does his thing, but the video is the real highlight, as Dizzee goes around threatening children and spreading the word of the bass with his very creepy sidekick. BASS WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL.

A$AP Nast – Trillmatic f. Method Man

I saw an interview with A$AP Rocky when he first came out in which he said that he thought the other members of A$AP Mob were better than him. So far, Ferg and Nast (and what I’ve heard of Twelvy) have been proving him right. If you live in New York, you probably already know this song, but I couldn’t not put it up. Nast has a couple nice verses, but Mef’s is obscenely good. Let’s hope this is a good leg up for Nast.

Lulu James – Sweetest Thing

This song is really cool. It melds jazzy soul and electronic music in a way that’s definitely original but feels familiar. There’s something that sounds very ’90s about this song, but the vocal sample in the background opposes that. Anyway, it’s a very enjoyable song from a young singer, and fans of Quadron or other similar acts will enjoy it greatly. The music video is also very well done, a pared-down affair, with just Lulu (who’s just 21) and someone else in a bodysuit dancing in a black room, with patterns being projected onto them. Very cool.

7 Days of Funk – Hit Da Pavement

7 Days of Funk is the new collaboration between Snoop Dogg (here going by Snoopzilla) and Dâm-Funk, and “Hit Da Pavement” is possibly the dopest track from it. The video is exactly what you’d expect, with Snoop rocking a gigantic jheri-curl while jamming out with Dâm and some women in a clean-ass ‘Lac. This song is the duo at their best, with just enough funk to jam to, but remaining cooled-out enough to work in a relaxed atmosphere as well.

Get the album here if you like what you hear.

Breach – Everything You Never Had (We Had it All) f. Andreya Triana

A dope house track from Breach, a producer from Bristol, and an equally dope video, in which several cross-sections of a drugged-up woman dance to the song in unison. I like the vibe of the song, which is a bit like Disclosure (the low-key, subtle synth line) with a tinge of ’90s house music (the chopped-up vocals, especially in the drop). And I’ll definitely be pulling out these killer moves at some parties soon, so watch out.