Your Serious Moonlighters Christmas Mixtape – with James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Queen, The Pogues, and more.

Since tomorrow is some type of holiday, I decided to compile my favorite songs regarding that holiday into a playlist for you guys to enjoy, as a way to get away from the typical xmas radio trash but still stay in the musical spirit. Enjoy.


Kami De Chukwu – EAT.

A dope short track from Chance the Rapper’s homie Kami de Chukwu. It sounds like he’s been taking some delivery tips from Kendrick, with the whole breathless thing, but his talent and insight comes through regardless. Look out for more from him, apparently he’s got a mixtape/album coming out soon.

A$AP Nast – Trillmatic f. Method Man

I saw an interview with A$AP Rocky when he first came out in which he said that he thought the other members of A$AP Mob were better than him. So far, Ferg and Nast (and what I’ve heard of Twelvy) have been proving him right. If you live in New York, you probably already know this song, but I couldn’t not put it up. Nast has a couple nice verses, but Mef’s is obscenely good. Let’s hope this is a good leg up for Nast.

Cults – I Can Hardly Make You Mine

This is the single from Cults’s new album Static. “You Know What I Mean” being one of my favorite songs of 2011, but their first album not particularly impressing me, I was intrigued to see if they had charted any new territory. They have. The sound is a lot more guitar-heavy, and garage-y than their first album, but the melody sounds like it could fit on any of their older songs. This makes me want to listen to Static, which you can get here, and see if it’s an improvement.

Vaults – Cry No More

Vaults are an English band, who don’t have any other music than this online. If this song is evidence, though, they’re a band to look out for. The track has already hot almost 400,000 plays on SoundCloud, and deservedly so. It’s pretty much just vocals, bells, and strings, with some synth later on. The lyrics are cryptic, but definitely make me feel like going out and kicking some ass in a hunger-games-esque setting.

Kanye West – Black Skinhead (Flying Lotus & Thundercat Remix)

FlyLo and Thundercat give us a dope, unexpected remix of one of the best tracks from Yeezus. Who’d have thought that such beautiful, mellow instrumentation would work over such an energetic, aggressive song? Anyway, the results are worth hearing at the least. Thundercat continues to impress me with his skill, I just wish he had more than one sound.

Lulu James – Sweetest Thing

This song is really cool. It melds jazzy soul and electronic music in a way that’s definitely original but feels familiar. There’s something that sounds very ’90s about this song, but the vocal sample in the background opposes that. Anyway, it’s a very enjoyable song from a young singer, and fans of Quadron or other similar acts will enjoy it greatly. The music video is also very well done, a pared-down affair, with just Lulu (who’s just 21) and someone else in a bodysuit dancing in a black room, with patterns being projected onto them. Very cool.