Eminem – Rap God

Em’s new album is only a few days away, and I hope him titling it after his classic Marshall Mathers LP means he’ll get back on his shit. This song seems to point in that direction, as he hits us with 6 minutes of straight bars. It’s definitely not early Em, but it’s much, much better than anything on Recovery.


James Blake & Chance the Rapper – Life Round Here

This is probably old news for most of you guys but it’s dope nonetheless. Chance hopped on one of my favorite tracks from James’s outstanding Overgrown, and I assumed it was just one of those rapper remixes, but it turns out it’s the start of a working relationship, according to them. The video is dope too. I never thought I’d see James Blake ridin’ round in a ‘Lac, but that’s pretty much what happens, and they just get grilled by some townies as they do it. It looks pretty great. The best part is James’s half smirk.

Fiona Apple — Hot Knife

Most of the time I find Fiona Apple’s music to be rather whiny, overly dramatic and obnoxiously esoteric. But not today. Hot Knife robustly pushes all my complaints away with its very cool production of funky timpani drum line, Portishead-esque piano and a choir of Fiona Apples singing gaily. It’s also, surprisingly, a song where Fiona seems actually happy.

Drake – Furthest Thing (Trippy Turtle Remix)

I don’t like this Drake song, but I like this remix. It’s unlike a lot of electronic music out, and I’m always in support of molds being broken. Just a fun track to dance to. Apparently the style is called “Jersey Club,” and while I’m generally against most things associated with that awful state to the west of mine, I’m definitely in support of this.