Chairlift – Amanaemonesia

Chairlift are a pretty cool indie-electronic-pop duo from Boulder, Colorado. A friend of mine showed me this video two days ago, I went home and downloaded the album, and I’ve been singing the song ever since. “Amanaemonesia,” which i guess is the scientific term for forgetting about coral reef inhabitants, is a great dance track, with a catchy yet interesting melody, and some very weirdly clever lyrics. Caroline Polachek manipulates, adds, and subtracts syllables in words to make rhymes that wouldn’t normally work with the words provided, and generously shows us the lyrics in the video so we can catch on to all the weirdness. A lot of the lines also sound almost like she’s repeating herself, but the lyrics are different, which is very cool. The video is pretty crazy also. Mimicking a VHS style, it fades in between Polachek doing a dope anaemone-inspired (I guess?) dance on a bare stage, and a hand-drawn, very lightly moustachioed face mouthing lyrics. She’s like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Thom Yorke from the “Lotus Flower” video, with a dash of Napoleon Dynamite thrown in.


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