M.I.A. – Bring The Noize

It’s good to see M.I.A. enjoying herself again – it was especially disappointing to see her looking bored while riding on a car on two wheels in the “Bad Girls” video. Also I could not be sicker of girls who live slow and will die old singing that song in my vicinity, regardless of their level of badness. Anyway, “Bring the Noize” is a return to form. Much more reminiscent of her earlier work than the lacklustre Maya album, the lead single from her upcoming Matangi is a dancehall-influenced banger. Threatening horns, fast, stuttering vocals on the hook, a door creaking or some shit – these all contribute to a song that will be spun heavily in the near future, and has been spun heavily in the recent past. The video is classic M.I.A. too – her leading a crowd of nameless people wearing coordinated outfits (hers the only one to break the mold, to a degree) in various dances, illicit actions, and other cool things. I especially like her hair-cape.


2 thoughts on “M.I.A. – Bring The Noize

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