DeVotchKa – Charlotte Mittnacht (The Fabulous Destiny Of…)

This is one of my favorite DeVotchKa songs. A relatively short and simple instrumental from their 2004 album How It Ends (probably their most well-known album due to its title track, which has been used in many films and trailers), “Charlotte Mittnacht” doesn’t lack for beauty or power. This song encapsulates, in my opinion, everything that Beirut tries to do and doesn’t always succeed at (I’ve always said DeVotchKa is the thinking man’s Beirut). The song is based on one repeating theme, with elements added or taken away one-by-one every few repetitions. Pretty minimalist, by DeVotchKa’s standards, and a good soundtrack for any solitary late-night walks you might take down Eastern European streets.


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