Little Simz – 3000x f. Josh Arcé & Chuck20

I’m always glad to see dope stuff from rap minorities – for example, women and Brits. When I heard this and saw that Little Simz is both a woman and a Brit, I was doubly excited. This is a really dope track, with all three verses on point and the beat the right amount of weird to satisfy most of today’s hip-hop fans. Get her mixtape Blank Canvas here.


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Harold’s

Some more heat from Gangsta Gibbs and Madlib. It sounds like it could have been on the Thuggin’ EP, but that EP was great so you’ll hear no complaints from me. When’s the album coming?

Sorry guys, I fucked up and forgot to put the song.

Pusha T – King Push

THIS NIGGA PUSHA T! Kanye knew what he was talking about. I seriously cannot believe how hard this song goes. Joaquin “I’m still still here, I promise” Phoenix and Kanye give us a scary banger of a beat, all weird vocal samples and echoey drums (it sounds like what the Weeknd tried to do and utterly failed at on Kiss Land) and Pusha does his trademark thing over it. After Wrath of Caine disappointed me, I was worried, but stuff like “Nosetalgia” and this track have reinvigorated my anticipation for My Name Is My Name.

Kanye West – Zane Lowe Interview

These videos are amazing. Kanye gets very passionate about his life, and speaks some truth about divisions in our culture that we tend to gloss over. Not only is this interesting as a social commentary, it’s a great look into Kanye’s personal life and the motivations behind Yeezus, one of the most enigmatic and divisive albums in recent memory. He has moments of genius and moments of idiocy but that’s always been the case with him. Watch both of these in their entirety, and don’t believe anything you hear until you’ve done that.

Brought back to the top with all 4 parts.

Drake – Too Much (Jessie Andrews & Jason Burns Remix)

I like this remix a lot. It takes one of the better songs on Drake’s new album, and gets rid of all the shitty parts (read: Drake) in favor of the cool hook from Sampha, repeating it over a house beat that’s a lot of fun. Definitely a solid party remix. I don’t know who Jessie Andrews or Jason Burns are, but good for them.