The Stages of Sleep – Head On

I first heard The Stages of Sleep last summer, in a café in Oakland. I was there with my cousin, her husband, and their friends, to hear another friend perform. We were about to leave, after his set and a disappointing set after, but these guys started to play and we all turned around, sat back down, and took our jackets off. I think all of us ended up buying CDs of their self-titled EP. “Head On” is easily my favorite track from the EP, driven by a complex, syncopated percussion part, and the singer’s determined voice. As with most of their stuff, you think you know what you’re getting into, and then the first horn stab comes in and everything changes. This has become one of my favorite songs of the past year or so and it should become one of your favorites, too.

Get the EP here:

Get their full-length debut Carousel here:


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