Robert Glasper Trio – Everything in its Right Place/Maiden Voyage

The one non-Brazilian song I post in a slew of Portuguese ends up being a live video of a performance in São Paolo. Robert Glasper is a talented pianist, and occupies a place at the forefront of contemporary jazz. His group Robert Glasper Experiment explores the boundary between jazz, hip-hop, electronic music, and many other genres. This medley of Radiohead’s classic “Everything in its Right Place” from Kid A, and Herbie Hancock’s “Maiden Voyage” from Maiden Voyage appears originally on Glasper’s 2007 album In My Element. It’s more interesting than a typical medley because instead of playing one song and then moving into the other, Robert plays the main repeating melody of “Everything in its Right Place” and intersperses it with the refrain from “Maiden Voyage.” This live version features Jamire Williams absolutely murdering the drums – his solo is off the wall – and Vicente Archer holding it down on the double bass. Robert switches back and forth from a manual synthesizer (where do you even see one of those anymore?) to a piano, and even straddles both at one point, one hand on each. This is worth several hundred listens.


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