T.I. – Top Back (Remix) f. Young Jeezy, Young Dro, Big Kuntry King, & B.G.

This song may have single-handedly gotten me into rap music. In middle school, I was one of those awful people who said rap music wasn’t even real music. By the way, if you think that, realize that for a vast number of reasons, you are wrong and should not think or say that anymore. Anyway, this song is one of the pinnacles of mid-2000s rap. Driven by echoing drums and claps, and an amazing trumpet line, this beat goes the perfect amount of hard. The verses are great Southern ignancy, all leading up to T.I.’s verse, easily the best on the song, in which he attempts to imply as many words as he can without the use of any consonants. My favorite line of his is “Choppers is still here, if they catch me wit it, fuck it I’m doin’ my lil bid,” referring to having guns on his person and being willing to go to jail for it. Irony is a wonderful thing. The video is also a wonderful example of 2005 rap videos, featuring cars and hoes exclusively. Watching T.I. mean-mug the camera and jump around is highly enjoyable as well.


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