Dam-Funk – Hood Pass Intact

Dam-Funk is an extremely funky dude from Pasadena, CA, signed to Stones Throw Records. His music is engineered to evoke a very specific period of funk and R&B music from the late ’80s to the early ’90s. I saw him live at my school and he spun a lot of music of this era as well as his own stuff. At one point, he played a keytar solo and then got down into the audience and had us play the keytar as he held it. It was DOPE. This is my personal favorite track of his, due to its catchiness and positive message (gotta keep that hood pass intact, y’all.) The video is cool, too, simply showing us Dam-Funk hanging around, making sure his hood pass doesn’t suddenly disintegrate or get torn up or spontaneously combust or something of that nature.


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