Chano Domínguez – NFS Incluyendo Atardecer en Bagdad (Live, 2006)

This is a really cool song by Chano Domínguez and the New Flamenco Sound, a really cool flamenco-jazz group from Spain. This is a really cool live version of that really cool song by that really cool group. “NFS Incluyendo Atardecer en Bagdad” translates to “New Flamenco Sound Including the Sunset in Baghdad,” and although it’s hard to interpret what an instrumental song is about, Chano makes it easier for us by including jet sounds and bomb noises in the later parts of the song, implying it’s about the Iraq war. The piano stays constant with a 7/4 riff under everything else, while some other instruments work in 4/4. It makes for a very cool effect. And of course there are some dope solos. It’s also great seeing Chano keeping an eye on the rest of the band as he plays.


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