Jay Z – Self-Indulgence: The Video

This video did not surprise me one bit. It might be my extreme disappointment with Magna Carta Holy Grail, but watching Jay pretend he’s breaking new ground by spitting sub-par lines in an art gallery was not enjoyable for me. Neither was hearing him talk about it. More interesting people have done more interesting things in galleries/museums for 6 hours. Also, the over-hyped Marina Abramovic interaction was the least interesting part of the video. Also, the song is 4 minutes, so why is the video 10? I have no problem with Jay rapping about how rich he is, but I have a very big problem with him doing it badly and trying to claim an artistry on the level of Kanye. Say what you will about Yeezus, at least it was well-crafted and musically striking. MCHG was neither, and Jay Z is not Damien Hirst.


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