More Caucasian Males Singing Sadly.

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to throw a stone and not hit some white dude strumming a C chord while lamenting about his most recent break up. As a genera rule I try to avoid being in the proximity of these sad sacks. However, it’s worth remembering that in every genre there are those people who made it sound beautiful (before the likes of John Mayer got all weepy and breathed too heavily into the mic). One of those people is the great Van Morrison and his song Slim Slow Slider off his sophomore album. It’s one of those rare heart-wrenching joints that manages to make you cry yourself to sleep and at the same time transport you to a sunny meadow where water nymphs play double bass. If you haven’t given Astral Weeks a listen in full, now’s the time. It’s gorgeous in every sense of the word and is an album I find my self returning to often.


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