Lianne La Havas – Don’t Wake Me Up

Lianne La Havas is an English singer. I just found out about her today, so I apologize for not having more details. This song should make up for it though, since it’s absolutely fantastic. Her harmonies are striking at the least – they somehow sound like a tender plea and a royal fanfare simultaneously. The accompanying instrumental is reminiscent of the theme song to Skyfall (never mind that this song came out first), while still sounding unique. I haven’t listened enough times to be able to give a really good analysis, so just listen to it and make your own, but one of my favorite moments is towards the end when she does a little “I, I, I,” and her voice actually sounds like a trumpet for a second. This is from her Mercury Prize-nominated 2012 album Is Your Love Big Enough?


2 thoughts on “Lianne La Havas – Don’t Wake Me Up

  1. Oh yes! I felt the same hearing her music for the first time. If you would like to have some more info about her I did this post on her last year. Would be great if you could check it out as well. 😉

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