Christian Scott – The Eraser (Live at HSBC Jazz Festival)

Christian Scott is one of the most interesting young jazz artists today. He plays a custom-made trumpet, reminiscent of Dizzy Gillespie’s, and he developed and uses the “Whisper Technique,” a technique that allows him to put a lot more air than usual through the horn, achieving a very breathy sound. Think the trumpet equivalent of Ray LaMontagne’s voice. Anyway, Scott did a version of Thom Yorke’s “The Eraser” on his album Yesterday You Said Tomorrow, but this version is just so much better I had to post it instead. Scott makes a number of very cool musical choices for this performance: the piano has a piece of paper stuck in between the strings, achieving an interesting rattling sound; he uses his whisper technique; and the guitar plays the same melody at the same time as the trumpet, and it ends up almost sounding like one unidentifiable instrument. Everybody is on point (and impeccably dressed), especially Scott and the drummer, and Scott’s solo towards the end is simply unbelievable. Jazz heads and Radiohead heads, prepare yourself for some watery eyes.


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