Thundercat – “Oh Sheit It’s X”

Thundercat is a crazy bass player from LA who’s a former member of Suicidal Tendencies, good homies with Flying Lotus (there’s a song on this album about doing drugs with FlyLo in the woods), and is on his Brainfeeder label. This is one of the best cuts from his album Apocalypse. A very danceable track about being on ecstasy, Thundercat is at his lyrical best (my favorite line is “Your purse is nice, baby, is it leather? Or could it be suede?”) The fairly standard funky track is accentuated by his bass, which is simply all over the place. It comes in the form of spurts of 16th notes that accentuate the melody and its rhythmic phrasing at the same time, and seem to have been constructed around a fairly simple funk bassline which comes through when you really pay attention.


2 thoughts on “Thundercat – “Oh Sheit It’s X”

  1. I totally dig this song. The voice reminds me of Al Green, but with the funk, synths and tempo turned to 11. This song is dope and I’m glad you put it up here. Definitely adding this song and album (Apocalypse) to my music library when I get the chance.

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